On New Years eve a Lebanese journalist is stuck editing a recap video about all the terrible events that happened during 2019. On his way back from a smoke on his building's rooftop, he crosses paths with two characters; Magda, a teenager sneaking up to the roof to smoke cigarettes, and Sam, a Korean DJ who's slipping flyers for her first gig tonight.
Written and Directed by Leila Basma
A FAMU production.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Starring Raffi Feghali, Angelina Nga Le and Charleen Grotts.
2019, 11', 16mm, Fiction Film
Location: Prague, Czechia
Languages: Arabic, English
Festival Selections and Screenings:
SWITCH Short Film Festival (Rotterdam) Official Selection
Original Narratives Short Film Festival (Dubai) Official Selection